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Packaging Materials Hydraulic Cutting Machine

This packaging materials hydraulic precision four-column beam press is mainly suitable for cutting materials like plastic,paper cutting out. Such as Air Cushion Bag,Fill Air Packaging,Soap Liquid Package and so on.

Packaging Materials Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Packaging Materials Hydraulic Cutting Machine

1.Because the structural has changed during designing of the packing materials clicker press machine,user needn’t worry about possible oil leakage of the machine.

2.Equipped with die cutter and cutting depth setting ,to ensure the travel adjustment simple and accurate.

3.Under the good ventialting and cooling conditions,the operation is safety and srevice life is prolonged.

4.Using pneumatic clamp device to fasten the cutting die ,so that ensure the replacement of die cutter convenient and prompt.

5.Packaging materials hydraulic four-column die cutting machine can be customized on request.

Model  GRK-180  GRK-180/  GRK-300
Maximum Cutting Force 180T 180T 300T
Stroke adjustment 10×250mm
Working Area 1400×720mm 1600×850mm 2300×1200mm
 Motor power 7.5HP 7.5HP 10HP
Overall dimension(mm) 2300x2000x 2000 2300x2100x2300 2350x2850x3000
 weight 63000kg 6800kg 13000kg

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